What We Do

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
— Albert Einstein

Animals are living beings that have no voice to speak for themselves and unfortunately, people often have little or no respect for their life.  These animals are also victims of abandonment, abuse and/or neglect, and irresponsible breeding.  It is for this reason that there is a desperate need for rescues in Missouri, as well as, throughout the United States.

Almost Home Rescue & Rehabilitation (AHRR) was created by two ladies that have a passion for not only speaking for the voiceless, but ensuring the safe haven for as many as they can.   The mission of AHRR is to save these animals, rehabilitate and find forever loving homes that will provide the best life for them.  In addition to providing a safe haven for animals in need, we also provide full vetting and basic training prior to adoption. 

Abandonment should never, ever, be a consideration for a family pet.  As integral members of the community, we promote awareness and education for the proper treatment, training and overall care of pets.  

AHRR also supports and works with rescues in surrounding communities of Missouri and neighboring states and truly believe that working together, we can make a difference!